Do this before you write a speech

Knowing you have to write a speech can bring on bouts of procrastination. Knowing where to start, what to include and what to leave out can be daunting.  There are four things to consider before you write a speech or presentation.  Taking a small amount of time to plan and consider these four things will save you time and pack your speech with content that is authentic and the audience engages with.

1.  Have a clear single message.

Ask yourself if this audience only remembers one thing from my speech what should it be? Keep it short six words or less if possible.  That way your audience will have a better chance of retaining and remembering your message and you.

2. Understand how you feel about this message.

Sounds obvious but explore are you angry, disgusted, outraged, fearful, happy, proud, hopeful, the possibilities are vast so pinpoint exactly how you feel and this will guide the language you use to be authentic.

3. How do you want the audience to feel?

Do you want the audience to unite with you or are you teaching them how to rise above the issue?  Most speeches are written to inform and enact an action or change.  If you are clear on how you want an audience to feel, choosing material for the content becomes a much easier task.

4. Analyse who is in the audience, why they are here and what benefit they will get from your message.

The closer you understand this audience the easier it will be to choose content that engages and delivers a benefit to them.  You will never get it 100% right so target a section of the audience and create a speech that is the best fit for them.

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Before you write a speech