VCE English Oral Presentations – Getting the mix right

This incursions is suited to VCE English students to develop the skills necessary to attain high scores in oral presentations. Developing a growth mindset towards public speaking students will gain confidence to articulate their point of view.

Unpacking terms such as, confidence, audience engagement and own the speaking area. We break down these concepts into manageable areas to develop.

Existing speaking strengths are identified to ‘turn up’ while distractions are identify to ‘turn down’ until the student ‘gets the mix right’.

Emphasis in communication skill areas of

  • reducing note usage
  • owning the speaking area
  • body language
  • increase eye contact
  • avoiding a shopping list style speech
  • develop a speech into a mature exploration of the topic

Duration 1 x 75 – 90 minute session

Additional individual coaching sessions may be arranged.

VCE English Presentations