Student Debate Workbooks

9 Essential Worksheets for Debate Preparation

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Schools resource kit Class sets (26 work books)

Resource for teaching debating, companion teaching resource to “Student debate” DVD This 12 page A5 debating workbook equips your students with the tools they need to prepare successfully for a debate with the 9 easy to understand worksheets.

Each A5 12 page debating workbook contains:

  • Debate room set up
  • How a debate works summary
  • Adjudication form
  • Debating Terms – comprehensive Quick Guide
  • Matter – Argument structure worksheet
  • Matter – Rebuttal structure worksheet
  • Method – Speakers Roles – Explains the structure and responsibility of each speaker includes % of time spent and speaking flow of the debate. This follows the Australia Asia 3 on 3 style of debating used in Australian secondary schools and in the Debating Association Victoria (DAV) Schools Contest
  • Manner – Voice, persuasive and effective use of vocal techniques
  • Manner – Body Language confident and appropriate body language

These workbooks are suitable for:

Primary Students

  • Year 4 (as part of debating workshop)
  • Year 5 (as part of debating workshop)
  • Year 6 (as part of debating workshop)

Secondary Students

  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11 (new to debating)
  • Year 12 (new to debating)

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