Student Debate DVD

A resource for teaching debating skills in schools
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Since 2016 the “go-to” reference, this debate DVD provides insights on how to win, from an experienced adjudicator.  Master debating techniques use in inter-school contests in Victorian Secondary Schools.  Watch a real Student Debate. Then watch the “Masterclass” track containing the Student Debate with tactics highlighted and explained.

Track 1  Debate Basics – how to win a debate  (5:28)

Track 2  Student Debate – “Public transport should be for free”  (19:53)

Track 3  Debate Masterclass – speakers roles & persuasive tactics  (27:45)

Track 4  The result  (2:16)

“A versatile resource that you can use to compliment your teaching with tracks short enough to allow time in class or at a lunch meeting for exercises or debate preparation”.

“A realistic experience of a secondary school debate, with a commentary track to explain what the speakers are doing and what is an effective persuasive tactic”.

“Coaching tips to boost debaters skills in debating contests”.

“Debating methods are explained in an easy to understand manner. Examples are demonstrated in the masterclass.  Valuable teaching resource for primary students who have never debated before”.

Student Debate DVD

This DVD is suitable for:

Primary Students:

  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

Secondary Students

  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11 (new to debating)
  • Year 12 (new to debating)

Single copy $65.95 (plus $7 postage)

Team set (3) $179.85 (plus $7 postage)

Student Debate DVD