Should schools steer clear of social media?

Social media when strategically managed will celebrate the achievements of your students, the culture of your school and the “what sets your school apart” from other schools.  Building a Social Media Profile is an essential element of marketing your school.

Schools need to look at the demographic of existing families, potential families and decide which form of social media would reach them.  It best to pick one platform and do that well rather than spread your efforts across multiple platforms.

Regular engagement is the key to growth in following, using pictures that tell the story and the feel of the school mixed with positive and upbeat copy.


Should the Principal get involved?

Parents looking to choose a school will look toward the Principal as a key indicator of the school.  Many Principals don’t always wish to head up a campaign, rather wanting the school and its students to be the best promotion. Very few Principals would consider themselves “a brand”  Principals and school leaders use Linked in to promote their educational leadership “building the brand”.  Sharing and writing aspiration pieces on educational leadership and pedagogy quickly develops a following of an educational leader and thought leader.  A brand building exercise that benefits the Principal’s career and a positive reflection on the image of the school.


What about bad and offensive comments?

There are many strategies to making social media safe and they will be applicable depending on which platform you use.  Some social media platforms allow more freedom for comments and leave the school more exposed.  The school needs to weigh up the pros and cons of each social media platform and choose the right one for their goals.  It is essential to have:

  • Understanding of the security measures of each site (these regularly change)
  • Document in your social media strategy, what level of security your school will maintain, for example let anyone post or just one or two staff to post?
  • One or more staff members to regularly check and update sites
  • An action plan to block, reply with a positive spin, or follow through



A well managed social media strategy will provide your school with the potential to reach an unlimited audience to promote your school at no cost.  Boost the value of your existing marketing through social media.

Smart schools use social media to:

  • Reach new families of potential enrolments
  • Raise the profile of the school
  • Communicate what makes the school unique
  • The advantages of attending the school
  • Attract the best staff


Social media may be evolving, with different platforms coming in and out of popularity.  But it is here to stay and offers a free way to reach an unlimited audience boosting the profile of your school.

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