Feedback Train to Speak

“A great presentation, very informative and flexible with ideas/questions asked by students”.

Sophie Richardson, English Teacher, Geelong Grammar School


“Elaine’s supportive and caring approach has built confidence and self-esteem in our students.  She has given them opportunities to shine”.

Clare Entwisle,  Principal,  Kew High School

“Elaine provides a comprehensive structure in consultation with teachers to enhance students’ public speaking abilities.  A very professional approach”.

Louise McGrath – Principal,  Mother of God Primary


“Elaine delivered practical and helpful tips that will help our students throughout their academic careers”.

Year 9 Teacher, Whitefriars College


“Elaine Doyle from Train to Speak prepared our year 10 students for their major oral presentation on their chosen research topic.  She was engaging and gave very practical ideas to improve their presentation skills.  It was a valuable learning experience not only for the students but my own presentation skills. 

Shareen Bottrell – Teacher, Box Hill High School


“The 5/6 students were thoroughly engaged during the sessions with games, interactive power point presentations and excellent printed resources.  Students learned both theoretical and practical aspects of debating. Their debates were very successful; confident, organised and passionate! Testament to their preparation from Elaine over four weeks and desire to do well”.

Erin Lawler – Year 5/6 Teacher, St Anthony’s Primary


Straight forward effective advice fro any public speaker (or soon to be).  Excellent delivery of content.  Elaine is incredibly talented and poised. 

Year 8 teacher – Whitefriars College


“Many thanks for all of your work with the debating team.  My son’s self-confidence not only in English but also in general has improved dramatically.  Sometimes a few key people can make a big difference in kids lives.  You certainly have”.

Professor John Haisken-DeNew – Melbourne University, Parent,  Kew High School


“Elaine not only presented, but listened to ideas from participants then elaborated on these”.  “Gave a great guide on the mechanics of constructing a presentation, very helpful”.

Kerrie – Teacher,  Lauriston Girls School


“Brilliant! So engaging for my students.  Having the sentence starters made it accessible for everyone to participate. Thank you”

Donna Collins – 5/6 Teacher,  Balwyn Primary


“This workshop was very effective.  I loved how Elaine transitioned between the logistics of debating then to specifics of our upcoming debating topic”.

Year 12 student – Geelong Grammar School


“I loved this Workshop, especially being introduced to techniques I was unaware of such as thematic rebuttal.  I also enjoyed the opportunity to debate my peers in a comfortable and friendly manner”.

Sophie – Year 10 student, Loreto Mandeville Hall


“Very insightful presentation that was able to engage the boys!”

Jack Gargano – Teacher, Whitefriars College


“Elaine was wonderful.  Over the five weeks the students went from having very little knowledge to understanding the structure of debating.  Seeing/watching their growth was fabulous”.

Susan Williamson – Year 4 Teacher, Clifton Hill Primary School


“This was a really worthwhile and helpful experience for the students, both for the less experienced debaters and the more experienced ones.  Elaine’s enthusiasm and knowledge was fantastic!”

Catherine Barker – Teacher, Simonds Catholic College


“Thank you so much Elaine for your time and expertise.  The children have been so engaged and enthusiastic throughout the course.  Their confidence has definitely improved.  Their debates were fantastic”.

Geraldine Worm – 5/6 Teacher, St Bernadette’s Primary


“Elaine Delivered an energetic and enjoyable presentation which will deliver results, no doubt”.

Year 9 Teacher – Whitefriars College



Just passing on my gratitude for the great work you did with the year 11 students in preparing them for their leadership speeches to their peers. The speeches were a significant improvement on previous years with students all adhering to their allotted times and speaking confidently.

Danny Tamburrini  Sub-Schools Leader – Senior School – Kew High School


“Positive and gave great feedback, while also encouraging the students to analyse and give their own feedback.  Information was well targeted towards their needs”.

Hayley Dustow – Year 6 Teacher, St John’s Primary Clifton Hill


“A fantastic seminar that engaged students across a variety of year levels and offered practical and helpful strategies that students can easily implement to improve their public speaking”.

Belinda Fitzpatrick – St Paul’s Anglican Grammar, Traralgon


“This workshop gave the students an opportunity to experience what it feels like to answer questions about themselves in an interview situation.  It was great to see them really searching for their strengths to share”.

Year 5/6 Teacher, Little River Primary


The course was practical and relatable to a Year 9 audience.  many tools/approaches that the students can use.

Sean O’Donaghue – Year 9 teacher, Whitefriars College


“Yes I enjoyed the advanced debate workshop and found it very useful.  I learnt some really helpful techniques and advice for debating.

Year 10 student – Loreto Mandeville Hall


“The workshop was engaging and pertinent information was presented.  Students were motivated and most enthusiastic to learn and improve their debating skills”.

Lily Popovski –  Debating Co-ordinator, Reservoir High School


“It was great to see all students take ownership of their debate team and the arguments researched.  Even those note previously confident had the chance to shine!”

Renee Ladner – Year 5/6 Teacher, St Anthony’s Primary


“Engaging session that provided many useful tips and techniques”.

Joel – Student, Whitefriars College


“It was great to see and feel the energy in the room of the children learning the process of story telling, when preparing a speech.  The students had the opportunity to receive feedback from Elaine when giving their speeches which was such a valuable experience”. 

Jacqueline Casey – Year 6 teacher, Little River Primary


“Thank you for providing clear emphasis on how to finesse the topic for the up coming DAV debate”.

Nicola Dimitra – Enrichment Co-ordinator, Reservoir High School


Elaine has empowered our students to confidently express their persuasive speaking skills.  Elaine has the ability to engage students to make what many fear (public speaking) FUN!”

Erin Lawler – 5/6 Teacher, St Anthony’s Primary School


“Great sessions to lead into our formal public speaking unit which will culminate in speech night for parents & friends – such positive feedback for every child”.

Faye Hanby – Year 5 Teacher, Thomas Mitchell Primary


“Elaine provides key and practical skills for students to use in and out of the classroom – escpecialy English.

Warren Finlay – Year 9 Teacher,  Whitefriars College


Joel enjoyed your debating sessions so much. He had no idea what debating was about before you showed them “the ropes”. He really looked forward to the final “big debate” and showed a level of confidence towards public speaking he didn’t have before.  So, a big thanks for doing that for the school/kids, it really enhances the extra-curricular opportunities for students.

Frank – Parent, St Anthony’s Primary


“Excellent preparation for secondary school and for our school leadership roles.  I highly recommend the vibrant well prepared and executed programme tailor made to suit all students 10/10”.

Justin Tongue – 5/6 Teacher, Mother of God Primary


” I think this workshop was really helpful and informative and helped me know the most effective way to prepare for a debate in a secret topic”.

Year 10 student – Loreto Mandeville Hall


“The workshop was fun and interactive.  I feel enthusiastic”.

Student – Simonds Catholic College


“Great information about body language and facial expressions”.

Sue Davis – Principal, Glengarry Primary


“Students were challenged, engaged and motivated.  Your positive feedback was terrific and it gave encouragement to the students.  A fantastic programme that the year 5’s are already looking forward to in 2014!

Mark Walsh  – 5/6 Teacher, St Anthony’s Primary


“My two son’s public speaking demeanour has significantly improved.  I highly recommend Elaine Doyle and the programmes she runs in Public Speaking”

Rosanna Matovinovi – Parent, Kew High School


“The debating student handout forms and flowcharts were very helpful and insightful”.

Year 12 student – Geelong Grammar School


“The children were very involved and engaged.  Provided great confidence in the children.  They were very motivated.

Laura Iacovangelo – 5/6 Teacher, St Anthony’s Primary


“There was som fabulous tips to enhance public speaking”.

Prue – Teacher, Sale Primary


“The students were highly engaged throughout  all the workshops and grew in their confidence in public speaking.  They all enjoyed the opportunity to debate and would like to do it again”.

Mark Pietryk  –  5/6 Teacher, St Bernadette’s Primary


“Elaine was very accommodating to our school’s needs and budget.  She tailored the student workshops to suit our needs and our student’s interests.

Renee Bilson – Year 5 Teacher, Thomas Mitchell Primary


“You spoke very well and explained debating techniques in a way that was clear and easy to understand.  It was also useful to prepare for and hold a practice secret topic debate”.

Year 10 student – Loreto Mandeville Hall


Professional Development Feedback

“We had the first of our parent information nights last night and several of the speakers had been participants in your workshops last week. I was very excited to see some obvious improvements in their presentations.   It was wonderfully gratifying to see such a clear link between the PD content and the outcomes for people when speaking in front of parents, and it definitely improved the communication of the school’s message.   My feeling as an audience member was that the parents around me were impressed by and engaged with the night’s content.   So, thank you greatly”.

(Ms) Kerri Batch, Director of Teaching and Learning, Aitken College


“Elaine provided an interactive and informative experience, with the opportunity for each participant to explore their personal speaking styles within a helpful and supportive environment. It was a positive experience that significantly contributed to their confidence in speaking in public”.

Dr. Caroline Owen, Education & Communications Officer, Cancer Research, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne


“Elaine was able to motivate the team and given them tips and tools that will allow them to improve their public speaking ability”.

Jeanette Lyons-McKinnon,  Marketing and Communications Manager,  Leukaemia Foundation – Victoria