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Elaine Doyle

Leading Educator in Public Speaking and Debating

With nearly two decades of experience as a renowned public speaker and trainer, winner of 28 public speaking contests, Elaine Doyle is a communication specialist, founder of Train to Speak. Igniting the love of public speaking with students is the cornerstone of Elaine’s work.

Elaine leads the way with an innovative approach to the development of students’ communication skills of all abilities, measured and developed individually.   Success ranges from students being able to speak in front of their peers for the very first time to coaching students to reach state finals of public speaking contests, debating DAV Swannie awards and gain scholarships.  Elaine’s supportive approach has helped thousands of Primary and Secondary students articulate their message with confidence, building self-esteem.

Elaine has extensive experience in business communication and marketing in the education sector and NFP in Australia and the UK.

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Elaine Doyle Schools Debating and Public Speaking Specialst