Customise a Workshop

Our aim is to support your school in developing communications skills in your students.  We are happy to customise a workshop that compliments and supports your existing public speaking and debating.  We would love to hear from you for a no obligation discussion. Below are some of our popular workshops:

  • What is your point?
    How to structure a logical speech with a clear point and purpose. Where do you start? How do you turn ideas into speeches?

  • Turn your voice into a power tool
    Using your voice to add impact and bring out your authentic speaking style.

  • Your body talks
    Using body language, gestures, posture to help convey your message and confidently bring out your authentic speaking style.

  • Powerpoint Pizazz
    You are the presentations and powerpoint is your tool. Ways to use powerpoint effectively for interesting engaging presentations.

  • Being the Host
    Being the master of ceremonies how to introduce a speaker, use a microphone, how to control the speaking area, create an agenda and stick to the time. Great for leading assemblies or awards nights

  • Graduation Speeches
    Professionally speak with sincerity, confidence and style at your graduation.

  • Leadership Speeches
    Students learn how to write and delivery a persuasive leadership speech. Find out more…

  • Persuasive Speaking
    Bring persuasive writing to life, students learn how to connect and persuade an audience.  Find out more…

Customise a workshop

Let us design a course together.