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Victorian Schools leading the way in student voice

As the school year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the schools I have work with this year. Over the eight years of Train to Speak, I have worked with over 45 schools and thousands of students.  It has been a privilege to watch student's confidence grow [...]

How a school can manage social media gone viral

How a school can manage social media gone viral You receive a call from a national Australian newspaper regarding a violent video of your school’s students, social media gone viral.  You are a leader of this school what do you do? A schoolyard fight, filmed by a bystander, can be shared through social [...]

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Improve school PR – Increase enrolment

Improve School PR - Increase Enrolment Can effective marketing improve school PR and increase enrolment? Term one is crunch time for parents to make the important decision on which secondary school is right for their child.  Schools are a flurry of open day preparation, school tours, signs, marketing materials being created and collated.  [...]

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Is Risk Communication Risking Your Business?

Is risk communication risking your business? Risk communication in the event of a crisis is critical to manage the situation.  But how well is risk communication implemented in your organisation?  Executed well it can maintain the standing of the organisation, equity of the brand with minimal damage to stakeholder relationships.  Executed poorly can [...]