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Victorian Schools leading the way in student voice

As the school year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the schools I have work with this year. Over the eight years of Train to Speak, I have worked with over 45 schools and thousands of students.  It has been a privilege to watch student's confidence grow [...]

Do this before you write a speech

Do this before you write a speech Knowing you have to write a speech can bring on bouts of procrastination. Knowing where to start, what to include and what to leave out can be daunting.  There are four things to consider before you write a speech or presentation.  Taking a small amount of [...]

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Baby steps to speak without notes.

Baby steps to speak without notes The ability to speak without notes for some is like breaking the enigma code.   Once a word is written or typed, human nature commonly takes us down the path of thinking we must say every word, exactly how it is written.   This is only true if quoting [...]

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Extended Investigation Boosts Communication Skills

Extended Investigation - Boosts Communication Skills The VCE Extended Investigation subject equips students with the skills needed to succeed at university and business success.  Students select a study question and embark on an extended investigation of the question including sourcing academic, industry and empirical evidence.  The students write a 4000-word report and give [...]

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Is Risk Communication Risking Your Business?

Is risk communication risking your business? Risk communication in the event of a crisis is critical to manage the situation.  But how well is risk communication implemented in your organisation?  Executed well it can maintain the standing of the organisation, equity of the brand with minimal damage to stakeholder relationships.  Executed poorly can [...]

Turn the everyday into a great speech

Turn the everyday into a great speech The ability to craft a great speech or presentation is a highly sought after skill.  A skill that needs practice to develop, and that means taking opportunities to get up and speak to groups. Too many times I hear the phrases "what will I speak about?" [...]

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VCE English Orals – Getting the mix right.

VCE English Oral Presentations - Getting the mix right With more emphasis and higher marks awarded to VCE oral presentations in VCE English this year,  public speaking skills are now more important than ever for Victorian students.  Too often vague instructions are given to students: use eye contact reduce your note usage connect with [...]

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How I added humour and fast tracked my speaking skills

Melbourne Comedy Festival RAW comedy heats 'That's it' I said as I hit submit on the on line entry.   I had been saying I would enter this for years and 2017 was the year, no more excuses. It all came around quick after Christmas.   Small intimate comedy room, the Evelyn Hotel in [...]

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Using Metalanguage

Can you effectively describe what "Metalanguage" actually is? This language convention is commonly used to persuade and paint a picture in speeches and presentations.  It's a great tool that many of us already use to great effect, without even knowing. We learn about analysing metalanguage in Secondary School English in Novels, Plays and on [...]

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A Growth Mindset to Public Speaking

How do you have a growth mindset to public speaking when you are so nervous you can't think about anything else except being nervous? Much of our confidence as a public speaker happens on a very small stage.  A space that is no more than 15 cm wide.  It's the space between our ears.  Where [...]

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