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Victorian Schools leading the way in student voice

As the school year draws to a close, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the schools I have work with this year. Over the eight years of Train to Speak, I have worked with over 45 schools and thousands of students.  It has been a privilege to watch student's confidence grow [...]

Torment or teach? How Primary Schools teach debating?

Teaching the Australian standard of English, (UK English) is what you would expect from Australian Primary Schools. Many Primary Schools are keen to teach debating, introducing persuasive speaking skills as an extension opportunity. Many primary schools are quick to jump on the band wagon, but fail to use the Australia Asia style of debating, used [...]

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4 tips for successful start to the 2016 Schools debating year

A new school year brings a new year of the inter-school debating contests.  Debate team co-ordination can be a big task, coordinating teams, coaching and preparing students for debate rounds, setting up the opportunities for students to learn to debate and the excitement of students using their new skills to debate against other schools. Most [...]

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