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About Elaine Doyle

Elaine Doyle is a Communication Specialist. Working with businesses, individuals and schools. Elaine creates strategic communication plans that speak to and influence target markets, grow brands and build relationships. A renown public speaking coach Elaine teaches professional speaking skills to inform, influence and inspire. Preparing students to speak authentically to articulate their message with confidence.

Using Metalanguage

Can you effectively describe what "Metalanguage" actually is? This language convention is commonly used to persuade and paint a picture in speeches and presentations.  It's a great tool that many of us already use to great effect, without even knowing. We learn about analysing metalanguage in Secondary School English in Novels, Plays and on [...]

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A Growth Mindset to Public Speaking

How do you have a growth mindset to public speaking when you are so nervous you can't think about anything else except being nervous? Much of our confidence as a public speaker happens on a very small stage.  A space that is no more than 15 cm wide.  It's the space between our ears.  Where [...]

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Building a School Social Media Profile.

Should schools steer clear of social media? Social media when strategically managed will celebrate the achievements of your students, the culture of your school and the "what sets your school apart" from other schools.  Building a Social Media Profile is an essential element of marketing your school. Schools need to look at the demographic of [...]

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Gippsland Public Speaking Champion Shares Speaking Skills with Students

Being a Gippsland Public Speaking Champion was not something I set out to do but a rewarding acknowledgement. Constantly refining and developing my public speaking skills I regularly enter speech contests. Like any skills we build if we don't keep working at them they slip, especially in public speaking, where you can become "rusty" within [...]

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7 successful ways to start your next presentation

The start of your speech or presentation is critically important.  We want to capture the audience in the first 10 seconds.  If we entice our audience to listen right at the start, the chances are they will continue to be engaged throughout the presentation giving us the attention and time needed to communicate our message. [...]

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Transform Good Public Speakers to Great Public Speakers

What proud moment watching two confident young men Aaron  from Kew High School and Alex from Whitefriars College compete in the 2016 Legacy Junior Public Speaking State Final. With the stage presence of a professional speaker they presented their contest speeches and tackled the difficult impromptu question of "while waiting in a queue". Just 12 finalist [...]

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Gippsland Schools Public Speaking Seminars

Heading off to Gippsland Schools for two action packed days of public speaking incursions, meeting students and teachers at Sale and Traralgon. With employers screaming out for graduates with strong communications skills. Sale and Traralgon Primary and Secondary students will learn insights into calming speaking nerves speaking with a clear message to influence.  Student Public [...]

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Use facial expressions to become a more effective public speaker

With over 70 muscles in our face, humans have an incredible capacity to show multiple emotions through our facial expressions. This is a powerful tool to use when public speaking. Our faces tell the story, be it happy, sad, contempt or sincerity. When we speak to groups large all small our faces must be congruent [...]

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Speech contest participants win skills for life

I was absolutely thrilled for two of my student speech contest participants, progressing to the State Final of the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Award, to be held in October. An outstanding achievement as over 1500 junior secondary students enter this contest each year.  Whilst making it to a state final in public speaking is an [...]

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Encouraging girls to speak up – Ryton Girls School – Alan Patterson Public Speaking Award

I was presented with this beautiful bouquet of flowers after adjudicating at the Alan Patterson Public Speaking Award at Ryton Girls School. Recognising and encouraging girls to "get up", "get out there", and "speak up" is a passionate plea I make to all secondary school girls.  Often girls especially in co-ed schools will hold back [...]

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