Train to Speak for Schools

With 20 years of public speaking experience and winner of 28 speech contest titles, Elaine Doyle shared her experience, empowering students to articulate their message with maturity, influence and speaking presence.

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In 2010 Elaine founded Train to Speak a consultancy to develop professional communication skills with SME, NFP and Education clients. Elaine developed her clients’ skills to articulate their business message and build brand relationships through workshops and individual coaching. An important part of Train to Speak was working with over 45 Victorian Primary and Secondary Independent, Catholic and Government schools, developing and facilitating student incursions in Debating, Public Speaking and Leadership Communication. Elaine replaced students’ self-doubts with self-confidence as students learnt to articulate their message with the skills of a professional speaker.

Elaine’s Debating DVD and Debating Workbooks proved to be an invaluable resource, to teach debating. Individual coaching resulted in students progressing to State Finals in public speaking contests, winning DAV debates and achieve Swannie Awards, she equipped students with the skills to communicate strongly for oral presentations, leadership, interviews and scholarships. A qualified adjudicator for VCAA, DAV, AIDPSC and Toastmasters International, Elaine trained students in advanced speaking techniques that adjudicators looked for.

Train to Speak operated from 2010 until the end of 2018, during this time Elaine worked with thousands of students.

Our next generation of leaders.